Up Your Zoom Game

When many people started working from home earlier in 2020, being on so many Zoom calls (or any video conference service) seemed a bit of a novelty. People were too busy checking out your decor to focus on you!

Now that it seems working in this type of environment is here for the long haul, you may want to consider how your professionalism on camera may affect your career growth. While perhaps unfair, how you dress and look can affect your career. Traditional business advice has been to dress for the job you want, regardless of industry. What does that mean when your managers and leaders only really see you now from the chest up?

Even if you may not have aspirations in your current job, you may just miss the opportunity to show off your clothes, accessories or makeup at the office. Even if you are just firing up a virtual call to maintain contact with friends and loved ones, you still want to look good! 

If you are on camera for much of the day and feel like it’s time to pick up your game, here are a few tips:

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Spotlight your Jewelry

It may feel a bit much to put on jewelry when you are home all day, but it can really boost your mood. When you are on a virtual call, you are mostly visible only from the chest up. Take advantage and spotlight your jewelry, especially your earrings.

For Zoom calls with your co-workers, you may not want to seem like you are trying too hard; a pair of dainty effortless earrings would be perfect. On the other hand, you may want to show off one statement piece like a bold necklace or colorful pendant.

Treat yourself to something new to boost your mood and look forward to when you can wear your new find out with friends or to a special event.

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Rock a Scarf

Add a splash of color with a pretty bandana or scarf. Casually wear it headband style or just tie back your pony tail. You’ll feel more dressed up and pulled together.

Play up your Brows

There’s no need to do a full face of makeup when you aren’t leaving your house - unless you want to! But you may want to add a bit of color so you don’t look washed out (the bane of my existence). Just a bit of mascara and color and shape in your brows may be all you need. I promise, it will boost your mood every time you look in the mirror.

Raise your Camera

Literally, raise your laptop or phone camera so that you are looking slightly up toward it when on a call. You can use a stack of books, a computer or laptop stand, or you may have an ergonomic desk or chair. Just remember that you don’t want to be looking down at your device. (As a side note, raising your device will really help of you have neck pain from looking down all day!)

Light your Face

Keep your light in front of you, not behind. While the halo shaped ring lights are great, you have a simpler DIY solution. Just move your “call station” in front of a window and let the natural light from outdoors flow over you (your laptop or phone will be between you and the window). You may also want to dim the brightness on your screen since it can emit a harsh light.

Give these tips a try – you may even be more productive!


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