What's my ring size?

What's my ring size?Don't know your ring size? Or maybe you need a way to find out your girlfriend or boyfriend ring size without asking. No worries. Here's an easy way to figure it out. 

Just grab a favorite ring and measure the interior diameter. You can use either inches or millimeters. (I recommend millimeters since it more easily provides greater granularity.)  Cross reference this measurement against the table below and - tada! - you have your ring size.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

2018 Holiday Gift Guide from BloomingOak Design jewelry

My 2018 holiday gift guide has been published!  Check it out here.  I've included some of my own favorites as well as some complementary items from other shops. Enjoy and feel free to social share!

2018 Holiday Gift Guide from BloomingOak Design handmade jewelryAs always, I offer free shipping on purchases over $75 (in the U.S.). I also
happily offer complimentary gift wrapping.  Just let me know occasion
and any special requests and what you would like on the card. 

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All about Birthstones

There is no definitive source for the assignment of gemstones as individual birthstones but there are a number of legends and several lists that document differing groups of birthstones. These include: