Gray Rice Pearl Choker Necklace

Rice Pearl Choker Necklace vintage silver pearl clasp hand knotted gray rice pearls knotted pearl necklace 4mm light gray freshwater rice pearls 16 inch pearl necklace
Gray Rice Pearl Choker Necklace
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A modern take on the classic pearl choker, this 16 inch gray rice pearl necklace is hand knotted for a more refined look and greater security. It has a silver vintage hook clasp with just a hint of patina.


  • 4mm light gray rice pearls
  • Hand knotted with complementary gray knotting thread
  • 16 inches (41 cm) total length, choker or collar length
  • Vintage silver wire wrapped scroll hook clasp

Hand knotting adds value, durability and a wonderful drape for the pearls.

Unsure how to care for your pearls? Check out my tips on my Resource Page.

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