18 Inch Peacock Pearl Necklace

blue peacock pearl necklace 18 inch pearl necklace single strand pearls 7mm pastel blue peacock pearls hand knotted pearls
18 Inch Peacock Pearl Necklace
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Timeless and elegant, this hand knotted 18 inch peacock pearl necklace is finished with gray silk and a smooth sterling silver pearl clasp.  Always in style, you'll cherish a pearl necklace forever.

  • 8 mm freshwater pastel blue peacock pearls
  • Hand knotted with gray silk
  • 18 inches (46 cm) total length
  • Modern smooth sterling silver pearl clasp (fishhook style)

Hand knotting adds value, durability and a wonderful drape for the pearls.  The necklace pictured is the exact necklace you will receive.

Unsure how to care for your pearls? Check out my tips on my Resource Page.

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