Matte Denim Lapis Necklace

matte denim lapis bead necklace hand knotted lapis lazuli necklace endless no clasp necklace 32 inch blue beaded necklace 8mm matte blue denim lapis beads
Matte Denim Lapis Necklace
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Pretty matte denim blue lapis lazuli beads make up this long 32-inch hand knotted endless necklace. Just toss it over your head and you are ready to go!


  • Hand knotted with complementary blue knotting thread
  • 8 mm smooth round matte blue gemstone beads.
  • 32 inches (approximately 81 cm)
  • No clasp endless necklace / one continuous strand

Hand knotting adds value, makes the necklace stronger and more secure and adds a unique design element.

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