Long Endless Pearl Necklace

long endless pearl necklace hand knotted pearl necklace single strand pearl necklace with no clasp 6mm white freshwater pearls 36 inch endless pearl necklace
Long Endless Pearl Necklace
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Timeless long endless pearl necklace with no clasp. This hand knotted flapper style necklace is a classic pearl rope necklace that can be worn with anything from the most elegant wedding dress to a casual boho look. The pearls are quite white with neither pink nor cream tones.


  • 36 Inch / 91 cm single strand necklace
  • Endless necklace with no clasp
  • 5.5 - 6mm off white freshwater pearls.  The pearls a near round to off round in shape. 
  • Hand-knotted with white knotting silk

Unsure how to care for your pearls? Check out my tips on my Resource Page.

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